What is Pacifica Market?

Pacifica Market is an online ecommerce site that we built to assist the many many friends of Fiji and expat Fijians to provide groceries for family and friends in Fiji. 

It brings the world to Fijis doorstep with a few simple mouse clicks or finger taps from anywhere in the World.

Pacifica Market

Pacifica Market is an online Hyperlocal marketplace. A Hyperlocal marketplace is a market that caters to the needs of a limited geographical area. In this case, Fiji and in particular the central Suva area to begin with. We plan to expand to other cities as rapidly as possible. 

The marketplace provides an easy way for expat Fijians living overseas to assist family and friends in Fiji by purchasing groceries, and arranging delivery direct to households.

The online hyperlocal marketplace brings the world including the many many friends of Fiji and the huge Fiji expat community to the local shops and households of Fiji.

Purchasing Groceries

After a buyer has purchased groceries online using their credit card and provided an address and contact number for delivery, a local shopper/driver is dispatched to do the shopping, pack the groceries and deliver it to the doorstep of the given address.

To begin with, we have decided to provide a set of preconfigured groceries lists, which we call packs. We plan to add new preconfigured lists to these “standard” packs and graduate to providing individual items if customer feedback demands it.

Delivering Groceries to your doorstep

Pacifica Market pays drivers/shoppers a fixed amount for each order delivered to the households doorstep. It is our sincere intention to provide a living financial income for these driver/shoppers who have drivers licenses and a vehicle but may have lost their jobs in the current devastating economic environment.

Driver/shoppers will be operating in the Gig economy, which is based on flexible, or temporary hours if preferred. e.g. Students working over the weekends. Of course this doesn’t prevent a driver/shopper from making themselves available for as many days as they would like.