What is Pacifica Market?

Pacifica Market is an ecosystem of three products that we sincerely hope will help all of us to assist and encourage each other as well as provide opportunities to create employment and income for our Fiji community.

Pacifica Marketplace

This is an online Hyperlocal marketplace which is a hub for local shops and sellers. It is a way to help local Sellers and communities to become self sufficient and successful. It also provides an easy way for expat Fijians living overseas to assist family and friends in Fiji by purchasing and paying for goods online. This supports local business and is a way to assist  family and friends in Fiji. Pacifica Market also provides an integrated delivery system so these goods can be delivered direct to a customers doorstep in Fiji. No need to travel to a store by bus or taxi to pick up the purchased goods and Sellers are paid up front online. The delivery system provides employment for Pacifica Market delivery drivers in Fiji.

The online hyperlocal marketplace brings the world including the huge Fiji expat community to the storefronts of local Sellers.

Pacifica Classifieds

Life is hard and we need to help each other. Barter for Better Fiji is an amazing community. Hats off to Marlene Dutta and her team. We would like to help out as well. The Pacifica Market classifieds site is totally free. We hope that people will use our site as a complementary platform to Barter for  Better Fiji. We think that Facebook is an excellent platform due to its wide spread usage and just hope that additional use of a classifieds site will allow barter arrangements to be easily searchable as items can be categorized and will not disappear down a scrolling timeline.

Pacifica Blog

Sharing inspirational stories about our Pacifica People. We hope to encourage our people and provide role models for our youth.