Our People

We have a team of seven founders and one consultant. Team members reside in Fiji, NZ and USA. We grew up in Fiji, traveled overseas for tertiary studies, gained knowledge and experience and now want to give back to our home.

We are passionate about using technology to connect us in innovative ways in order to help boost local employment, assist local Sellers and help the Fiji community. We live and breath internet based services and technologies, utilizing cloud based tools for internal communications, team collaboration, accounts management and product development and have a thorough understanding of Internet security and the vital importance of PCI-DSS standards for online financial transactions.

We see the fact that we are spread out over three countries as a strength as it allows us to understand the overseas market of expat Fijians and their needs to help family and friends in Fiji. However, we also have a strong presence in Fiji which is absolutely vital and important to us.