All About Us

Learn about Pacifica Market and meet the team who are passionate about ecommerce and providing solutions for our Fijian community.

What is Pacifica Market

Pacifica Market is an ecosystem of three products that we sincerely hope will help all of us to assist and encourage each other as well as provide opportunities to create employment and income for our Fiji  and Pacific community.

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Our Story

The idea of Pacifica Market was born out of a desire to help our family, our friends and the people of Fiji and the Pacific.

We built a business, wholly, owned and run by experienced Fijians and hence, we have huge empathy with the people who we hope our product will help. Our team has expertise and decades of experience in running businesses in Fiji, law, commerce, marketing and IT skills.

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Our People

We have a team of seven founders and one consultant. Team members reside in Fiji, NZ and USA. We grew up in Fiji, traveled overseas for tertiary studies, gained knowledge and experience and now want to give back to our home.

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Our Values

Many many Fijians overseas want to help family back home and already do so via remittances. We want to provide an alternative path for them to do so and also help people back home to participate in the economy and build something they and their family can be proud of.

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